May 3


07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Disrupt Tech


Trustwork Crib

3547 23rd St, San francisco, Ca 94110

San francisco, Ca, US, 94110

Entrepreneurship. Tech. Africa. 

This week, we’re lucky to have Yonas Beshawred, the founder of StackShare and Harambe Entrepreneurship Alliance, join us to share his experience of finding validation in the early days of his company and his involvement in African entrepreneurship to spur the economic growth of the continent. 

StackShare ( is a is a software discovery platform that lets you see all the best software tools and who’s using them. Their goal is to help developers share knowledge about the tools they use and why they use them. They just raised a Series A of over $5M (

Harambe Entrepreneurship Alliance ( is a network of highly educated young African entrepreneurs from leading universities in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, spearheading social and business ventures across Africa. There are 250+ African entrepreneurs in this network who are dedicated to reshaping the African continent through entrepreneurship.

Come and share what you’re working on! Dinner and drinks will be provided. 

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